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Louisiana Organ Donation Specialty License Plates

  • Below are the steps to ordering the specialty plates:
  • Go to expresslane.org
  • Go to specialty plates (lower left box)
  • Go down to Louisiana Organ donation
    • This will show you the pro-rated cost to convert your current license plate to the Louisiana Organ Donation license plate and extend your registration 2 years.
  • Go to ordering details
  • Go to order form
    • Fill out the form and print
    • Send the form along with a check, copy of your registration and proof of insurance and a note to the OMV Specialty Plates Division stating that you have a reserved plate (be sure to include your name and the reserved plate number)
  • Mail to:
    • OMV
      Attention Special Plates
      P.O. Box 64886
      Baton Rouge, LA 70896
  • Alternatively you can go to Baton Rouge and pick up your specialty plate – remember you will still need proof of insurance, registration and the number of the reserved plate:
    • OMV Physical Address
      7979 Independence Blvd
      Baton Rouge, LA 70806