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Thousands of people are waiting for life-saving or life-enhancing transplants and we have created a platform for Driver’s Ed Instructors to teach students about organ, eye and tissue donation. Additional resources are linked below to help reinforce the information presented in the curriculum, so students will feel confident when answering the question about registering as a donor at the OMV. When individuals apply for a Driver’s Permit, Driver’s License, or State ID Card, they will be asked about their wishes to register as organ, eye and tissue donors. If they say “YES,” their designation will appear on the front of the license or ID card with a red heart symbol. Individuals can also easily register online at DonateLifeLA.org or the LA Wallet App. This will legally document an individual’s desire to save lives. The Louisiana Organ Donor Registry allows citizens to make legally binding decisions about their wishes to be a donor. Family consent is required for individuals under the age of 18. This makes it especially important for individuals to discuss their wishes with their families.